Unlock the Value of Your Crypto

At CoinTrustLoan, we build products for long-term bitcoin holders. There are many advantages to using a dollar loan instead of selling to receive dollars. You get to keep all of the upside of your bitcoin position. Our simple platform and live support can help you apply for a loan and get approved within one business day. Sign up and get a bitcoin-backed loan today!

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  • 2 Deposit Collateral
  • 3 Request Your Loan
  • 4 Get Your Loan
Instant Loan Approval

Your loan will be approved automatically when you hit the “Get Loan Now” button.

All You Need Is Collateral

No paperwork or credit history checks. All that matters is your collateral assets.

Repay Whenever You Want

You don’t have to pay interest for a year if you repay your loan faster. No lock-ins, fines or hidden fees.

Why loan with CoinTrustLoan?

Variety of Crypto

We have a huge variety of crypto available to borrow and use as collateral for a loan.


We control risk through different collateral rates in different currencies to make it easy to use.


We make sure that the crypto you borrow can be withdrawn immediately no matter where you are.

LTV and Margin Call

Loan-to-Value (LTV) refers to a ratio between your loan amount and collateral market value.

Lower LTV means you have a safety bag. In case of a market fall, your crypto is not likely to be liquidated to secure a lender's investment.

Higher LTV means that you will have to act fast in case of an extraordinary market situation.

In case of critical changes in your cryptocollateral value, you'll get an email notification.

In this case, you can repay the loan or add extra collateral. If you do nothing and the situation is a matter of necessity, your cryptoassets will be sold.

Your Back-Up Plan

The lower LTV, the safer your cryptoasset in case of market value drop.


You'll get email notifications if your collateral market value decreases.

Options to Address

To protect your crypto in case of market fall, you can make early loan repayment or add extra collateral to decrease LTV.

Loan's Benefits

• Securing Cryptoassets

All cryptossets are stored on cold multi-signature wallets with distributed key storage.

• Minimal Risks

The borrower bears minimal risks, providing that all loan obligations are fulfilled to the full extent so as the percentage ratio between the loan amount and the cryptocollateral is maintained.

• Hold Crypto and Get Fiat Money

You don't have to choose between holding you crypto and getting access to fiat money. Use your cryptoassets as collateral for getting a loan without credit checks and another borrower scrutiny for approval.

•Optimal Terms and Conditions

Choose your optimal conditions including loan currency, term and amount, interest rate and loan-to-value ratio.

Loans for Legal Entities
• Cash for Business Needs

Need some cash after an ICO for boosting your startup, mining, a short-term loan for meeting the operational needs or a long-term loan for business expansion?

• Borrow with Crypto

CoinTrustLoan is a flexible tool for solving any challenge. Use crypto as collateral and borrow any amount you need controlling the terms individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

To start borrowing on CoinTrustLoan, all you need is a 30% collateral asset to secure your loan. You can borrow more than the value of your collateral, at most 70% of its value.

CoinTrustLoan Loan supports the use of several cryptos as collateral, including BTC and ETH. You can check out the Loan page for more information.

It's possible to repay a loan with collateral at a current market price. After repayment, a borrower will get a remaining part of the collateral asset.

Annual interest rates start at 4.95% when borrowing at lower LTV limits and go up to 11.95% when using the max LTV.

A ratio between the amount of your loan and the market value of your collateral is a Loan-to-Value ratio (LTV).

To determine your LTV, you simply divide your loan amount by the value of the collateral asset. If you want to count the amount of fiat you can borrow against your crypto, you should multiply your LTV by the collateral value.

The minimum amount starts at $5000, and the minimum period is 30 days.

On CoinTrustLoan, you can take out an unlimited number of loans.

We will send you notifications by email and push about the upcoming repayments according to your payment schedule. So check your email in order not to miss a deadline.

If you aren’t able to pay, the system will try to make an automatic repayment. To make it possible, you should have enough money in the loan currency on your CoinTrustLoan wallet. If there aren’t enough funds, the system will liquidate a part of the collateral needed to make a payment.

A short-term loan (30 days) must be repaid with a single payment.

A long-term loan (2 - 36 months) must be repaid every month, according to a repayment schedule.